Chapter One
  A sharp raps comes on the door.
The rapping goes on insistently until Adunni transcend from her tranquil state of slumber into being wide and fully awake😐
For a moment..🤔she couldn't recall where she was,then the door opened.😳Adunni screamed, realizing that she was naked😵😵
She quickly sat up and pulled the blanket over her body.
"Are you okayyyy?!"Adunni questioned as she stared at her older sister with annoyance🤥
"You are the one that is obviously not alright"Rebecca said as she walked in and pulled the blanket away from Adunni's body.🤥
"Arghhh!!"Adunni sighed in frustration "someone can't even sleep in peace,ryy?"she said as she grabbed the night gown she had tossed away before sleeping the previous night.
"Today is Saturday for Jesus sake,you fool"Rebecca said as she rolled her eyes off Adunni who was busy battling with her night gown's button.
🙄"And what is special about today?"Adunni asked and shrugged, crawling out of her bed🤕"Today is Saturday,and I don't have any lectures today"🙄she added and hissed 
"Seriously?"Rebecca said as she bit down her lower lip
"Oga o"Adunni said in Yoruba dialect.
"Today is Timi's birthday,you forget things too easily, didn't I tell you yesterday that we would be going to his birthday party this afternoon?"Rebecca questioned and later hissed.
"We are still in the morning"Adunni said raising a brow🤨"This is just past 10"She said after glancing at the wall clock
"I want to go get a new dress"Rebecca responded calmly "you don't expect me to wear my old dress"she added🙂
"Hmm...I see you.."😏
"Ma soro soke"Rebecca said in her dialect
"you were disguising before now 'Adunni said as she winked at her sister🤪who was already disgusted by her sudden reaction😩😒
"So..what about me? won't I also get a new dress for the party?"😏Adunni asked 
"So...you want to seduce Timi?"🤔 Rebecca questioned as she eyed Adunni girlishly.
"Hell no!"😂💔"O wrong nau"Adunni added😂"I'm not crushing on him"😏
Truth be told🙂she once had a crush on Timilehin who is tagged to be the most handsome guy and the richest in campus🥺
Okay...so her sister is a history and diplomatic student,while Adunni is in Art department
Timilehin is also in history and diplomatic department🙂same level with her sister who is in 400l while she is in 200l.
    Rebecca sees Timilehin as her secret fantasy😊buh Timilehin doesn't seem to have interest in her Rebecca🙁but Rebecca has been trying her luck on him since they were in 100l
Like....what d fuck?!😳😩💔🙀
Timi is not even her type🥵A high class sophisticated guy probably in his early twenties😇Adunni doesn't know anything about his parents though 😑but from what Rebecca told her,she once said his dad is a business man with one of the largest business coporation in England.
It's still a mystery to her though 🤔because she still fathom the reason why the son of a successful business man would be in a school here in Nigeria.
He could have studied abroad now🤔😏
Why would he choose Tasued of all schools in Nigeria?🤔 

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