I woke up in silence and fear
For the demons of darkness 
Had driven me awake.

Days of endless pain
Trying to appear sane,
In some sort of way.

There's a monster in me
Destroying my heart,
Torturing without mercy
And consuming my soul.

Who do I tell?
No one can see my pain
I kept on smiling 
And my silent tears carry no word.

It's just a feeling of darkness and emptiness
How do I explain so people can understand this?
This monster is killing me
And I keep smiling in pain

You would never know it,
The constant pain I feel.
Sure,I'll smile
But this monster is always lurking.

When it comes at night
It takes away my soul
And fills it with horror!
Making my world go blank.

Sometimes,I feel Joy isn't for me
Because I feel sad every day of my life.
No joy!
Always pain and emptiness.

Bim Cruz ✍️❤️