"School nah Scam"
So some uniform children and youths say
But I really do wonder why those who say this are in school.

But why won't they say so?
When they don't know what they really want in school
Some just want to be in uniform and be called a 'graduate' at last
And some, for purposes best known to them.

Why won't they support that school is a scam?
When well-meaning graduates wander the streets for jobs but secure none
And at last, disappointed and frustrated
The lucky ones who have secured a job- are not well paid 
And with shattered hope,
Engaged in inhumane deeds to have a daily bread.

Our Big-brothers at the top are indifferent of our educational system,
Our class rooms are jails,
Our laboratories are still in construction,
Our school theaters for the "acts" are still undergoing operation,
And our School-masters lack the tools of their profession 
Truly, why won't "they" opined 
That "School nah Scam"

Perhaps school nah really a "scam"
When some of our School-masters take a great deal in "lecturing" the girls in a hotel
And "gamble" with scores in return
Some collect "incentives" from the unserious ones
Making them believe there is always a shortcut to everything
And turning them to believe 
Those who burn night candles are fools wasting their time
With all these, why won't "they" tag school a "scam"?

With the above aforementioned predicaments undergraduates, graduates and uniform children faces,
Why won't they tag school a "scam"?

For me, I stoutly don't believe the idealog that school nah "Scam"
I believe in hardwok, consistency, perseverance and trust in God.

Even upon completion of school but no job,
We should always hold on to God
Because as long as there is life, there is hope
Weeping may endure for a night
But Joy will surly come in the morning.

My dear readers, do you affirm that school is a "scam"?