Chapter Two
  The first time she had met Timi🌚she was coming back from a cafeteria with her sister when she saw him.🌝She could see goosebumps all over her sister's body when she spoke with him.
She just said hi and took her own eyes off him.
"This is a true definition of being handsome"she had thought.😩No wonder her sister won't just stop talking about him.
His surname is even a little bit kind of strange though😒 but it doesn't matter🙂 it's non of her business anyways🤨😏she only crushed on him that very day she saw him🌝.
No thoughts of him exists in her head anymore😒
"Are you coming with me or not?"Becca questioned 
Adunni yanked away her thoughts as she stared back at her sister "Huh?"
"Are you coming with me?"Rebecca questioned again.
"Sure,let me get something to wear"Adunni said as she forced a smile😑
Rebecca left the room, leaving the door widely opened.
"Nawa"Adunni said as she ripped her gaze away from the door direction.

Checking through what Rebecca wanted at the boutique...
Adunni kept on wondering where her sister got the money from.
Probably she had saved money just for a day like this😄
  Adunni later sighted a beautiful dress
"Here..look at that!"Adunni said as she pointed at the red sleeveless dress.
"Nahhhhh,you know I can't wear something like that naw"Rebecca responded as she sighted another dress "This looks good,buh let me check for another one"
"I don't even like it"Adunni said.
Rebecca eyed her and hissed😒🙄"you should have stayed at home" she said.
"Yeah"Rebecca responded as her gaze met another beautiful dress "I don't even know which one to choose"
"I already chose one for you,but you don't like it"Adunni said turning her eyes to another direction.
"Bringing you here was a bad idea"Rebecca said and hissed
"Anyways, I'm going for that yellow dress"Rebecca said pointing to the dress..
Holy moly!
"That dress might be too expensive!"Adunni said "For Jesus sake, it's just a birthday,not a wedding party"Adunni added.
"It's none of your business baby girl"Rebecca said 
"Very well then".
"Wow...you look good"Adunni said as she giggled girlishly "The dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you"Adunni said beaming with smiles😁
"Thanks sis"Rebecca appreciated her comments as she gazed at herself in the mirror.
The dress reached above her knee, revealing soft, smooth, spotless and long legs😊.she had earlier put on her stiletto heels which matched perfectly with the dress.
She was also in her early twenties😌Just 23🙂and she looks like a full grown woman probably in her early thirties.
A pretty face attached with a very sexy and enticing body😋her boobs were moderate,but her ass could turn a guy on with just a straight look😂
"Be fast with what you are doing"Rebecca said as she applied a light makeup on her face.
"I don't even know what to wear"Adunni responded as she brushed her tangled hair.
"Just wear something simple"Rebecca said as she glanced at her wristwatch.
It was already past 2🥺
"Sincerely,I don't know what to wear"Adunni responded🥺
"I Sha don't want you to look more prettier than I"Rebecca said😒😒
"That's funny yuu know, take a good look at me,even if I wear the most expensive dress to that party,he won't even take a second glance at me"Adunni said "so..stop being possessive,he is not even yours yet"Adunni added and laughed.
"He is gonna be mine soon"Rebecca replied biting down her lower lip
"All the best sis,I wish you good luck"Adunni responded checking through her wardrobe.

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